Inpatient Admission

If you're a patient staying for longer than one day, you will be given an appointment at the Pre-Admission Clinic in the Main Foyer (Level 2, Building 1).

This appointment is usually in the week prior to your admission to Hospital.

About the Pre-Admission Clinic

At the Pre-Admission Clinic you will:

  • register for admission to the hospital
  • have an interview with an intern, anaesthetist and a nurse
  • receive information on your surgery
  • have a history and physical examination
  • be referred to physiotherapists, social workers or other medical professionals as required.

You may also need:

  • an ECG (cardiogram)
  • medical appointments
  • blood tests
  • x-rays or other scans

You may need to be in the Pre-Admission Clinic for 2-3 hours, or longer if necessary. Tea and coffee are provided in the Clinic.

Day of admission

Unless given other instructions by your doctor, on the day of admission to hospital, you will need to visit admissions in the Main Foyer (Level 2, Building 1). From there, you'll be either directed to the appropriate ward or theatre.