Hospital Security


Our staff are trained to cope with any emergency that may arise. In the unlikely event of an emergency occurring, it is important that you do not panic.

You are advised to remain where you are until you receive instructions from a member of staff or an Emergency Warden.

Hospital Security

Security Officers patrol the hospital campus at all times.

Other security measures in place across the campus include security lighting, cameras and emergency communications.

Duress buttons are located in parking areas and around the campus. If you see or sense something suspicious, these buttons can be activated for immediate assistance from security personnel. The duress buttons can be identified as a red button(a bit larger than a 50 cent coin) on the side of a white box. These are found directly underneath a blue light and sign that reads 'DURESS'.

The doors to the hospital main buildings are locked from 9.30pm to 7am each day. Access to the Hospital after this time can only be made via the Emergency Department entrance.

Key contacts

In case of an emergency - within the hospital Dial 8.

Security office - (02) 6244 2141.


Personal valuables, other than a small amount of money should not be brought to hospital.

If you have valuables with you such as jewellery, we suggest that you arrange with friends or relatives to hold these for safekeeping.

If this is not possible, you should talk to the ward staff and ask for them to be deposited in the hospital safe.

The safe is only accessible for complete withdrawals of money/valuables between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday by prior arrangement.

Staff Identification

All staff members are required to wear an identification badge.

This badge will stat the name and position of the staff member.

You may ask to see a staff member's identification badge at any time.

Nurses can be identified by the uniform they wear. A mid blue shirt/ blouse and navy trousers or skirt.

Please feel free to ask staff members of their roles within the organisation.