ACT Health working with NSW on confirmed measles case

ACT Health is working with NSW to follow up on a confirmed measles case in an infant who was in Canberra for a few hours over lunchtime on Sunday 19 August 2018.

The infant and family visited the Canberra Centre during their time in the ACT.

ACT Public Health Specialist Dr Andrew Pengilley said there was a low risk to members of the public contracting measles from this situation.

“While there is a low risk of transmission in this case, generally the measles virus is very infectious and non-immune people can sometimes contract measles from incidental contact with a sick person,” Dr Pengilley said.

“If people who were at the Canberra Centre over the lunch period on Sunday 19 August become unwell with symptoms of measles over the next two weeks, they should seek medical advice.

“Typical symptoms of measles infection include:

  • fever;
  • tiredness;
  • cough;
  • sore eyes; and
  • a runny nose.

“Symptoms will usually happen within 10 days of contracting the illness and people typically develop a rash a few days after these symptoms occur.

“Those most susceptible to measles are infants under 12 months of age who are too young to be vaccinated, anyone who has not been fully immunised against measles and young adults,” Dr Pengilley said.

The infant arrived in Sydney from South-East Asia and, in addition to briefly visiting Canberra, has been travelling around NSW.

ACT Health is continuing to work with NSW Health, which is investigating the case.

Dr Pengilley said vaccination was highly effective to protect individuals from contracting measles.

Further information on measles can be found here.

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Friday, August 24, 2018