02 Nov 2017

ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly, is alerting the Canberra community to confirmation of a second case of measles this year.

27 Oct 2017

Acting ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Dugdale, is alerting the Canberra community to be aware of measles symptoms following confirmation of a case of measles by ACT Health.

26 Oct 2017

ACT Health has recently undertaken Phase Two of an ongoing cladding assessment to look at whether our buildings have external panels made from Polyethylene Aluminium Composite materials.

05 Oct 2017

To make catching public transport more pleasant and to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke, all public transport waiting areas in the ACT are now smoke and vaping free.

24 February 2017

ACT Health are warning Canberrans to be aware of a dangerous and illicit substance that has been distributed to young people as an ecstasy-type ‘MDMA’ drug.

07 June 2016

ACT CHO, today alerted the community to the potential of Death Cap mushrooms growing around the ACT due to the recent heavy rainfall.

04 May 2015

A free vaccination against Pertussis (whooping cough) is now available to all pregnant women during their third trimester.

10 April 2015

ACT Health ACT Acting Chief Health Officer Dr Andrew Pengilley this morning said the first Ebola test conducted on a female patient at Canberra Hospital has returned a negative result.