The ACT Chief Health Officer’s Report 2016 shows that currently 42% of women aged 20 and under in the ACT report that they smoke during pregnancy.

In these web pages you will find information and support to help young women (their partners, families and friends) to stay smoke free.

Free quit Smoking App for Mums-to-be

Quit for You, Quit for Two

Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous for both mother and baby, but quitting before you fall pregnant (or as soon as possible if you become pregnant) will have immediate benefits. Straight away you’re more likely to have a healthier baby and a trouble-free pregnancy.

The Quit for You, Quit for Two campaign materials are licensed from Australian Department of Health.

Free quit Smoking App for Mums-to-be

If you smoke, your future’s not pretty

Young female smokers are not only putting their health at risk, they are also ageing themselves with every puff without realising the cause of those extra wrinkles is right at their fingertips.

Discover how old you could look in the future if you keep smoking by using the smoking selfie photobooth.

The ‘If you smoke, your future’s not pretty’ campaign materials are licensed from Queensland Health, and adapted and reproduced with permission.