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Healthy Food@Sport is a partnership between the ACT Health and the Economic Development Directorate (Sport and Recreation Services).

Funding is provided to Sport and Recreation Services and Nutrition Australia ACT for program delivery.

Healthy Food@Sport focuses on supporting canteens run by community sports clubs/organisations to increase the range of healthy food and drink choices available to children and young people.

The project currently involves the following ACT community sports clubs/organisations:

  • Basketball ACT
  • Canberra Olympic Pool
  • Cricket ACT
  • Dickson Aquatic Centre
  • Gungahlin Little Athletics Centre
  • Kids Football Club (formally known as Players Football Club)
  • Lakeside Leisure Centre
  • Manuka Pool
  • Netball ACT
  • South Canberra Netball Association
  • Touch Football ACT
  • Tuggeranong United Junior Football Club
  • Weston Creek Junior Soccer Club
  • Weston Creek Little Athletics Centre
  • Weston Creek Wildcats Junior AFL Club
  • Woden Valley Junior Soccer Club



Issue 01: January 2012 - Project Introduction

Issue 02: February 2012 - Healthy Eating and Hydration

Issue 03: March 2012 - Healthy Catering and Fundraising

Issue 04: April 2012 - Making Healthy Choices

Issue 05: May 2012 - Vegetable Intake and Refuelling

Issue 06: June 2012 - Dairy Intake and Food Labels

Issue 07: July 2012 - Go Greener with Protein

Issue 08: August 2012 - Go Greener with Grains

Issue 09: September 2012 - End of Season and Spring Options

Issue 10: October 2012 - Swapping to Healthier Options

Issue 11: November 2012 - Planning a Theme Day

Issue 12: February 2013 - Welcome to 2013

Issue 13: March 2013 - Making Changes in Your Canteen

Issue 14: April 2013 - Food Allergies

Issue 15: May-June 2013 - Winter Season

Issue 16: July 2013 - Winter Season Finals

Issue 17: September 2013 - Healthy Swaps

Issue 18: October 2013 - 2013-14 Summer Season

Issue 19: November 2013 - Merry Christmas

Issue 20: February 2014 - Welcome to 2014

Issue 21: March 2014 - New Project Targets

Issue 22: April 2014 - Making Hot Foods Healthier

Issue 23: May 2014 - Easy Tips for a Healthy Menu

Issue 24: June 2014 - Give Your Club the Edge

Fact Sheets


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Extend Your Pantry for Winter

Stock Your Pantry for Winter

Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

Festive Season Tips and Recipes

Water - Nature's Best

Healthy Food For Active Children

Hydration for Active Children

Healthy Swaps Made Easy

Food Allergies, Food Intolerances - Are they the same

Family Mealtime - Benefits and How to Avoid the Madness

Swapping Less Healthy for More Healthy

8 Good Foods Young Kids Love

Nutritious Sandwiches and Tips to Decrease the Unhealthy Energy

New Dietary Guidelines

Healthy Catering and Tips for Hosting End of Year Celebrations

Consumer Survey Key Findings Report

On the Go Foods Before and After Competition

Sugar Content of Popular Drinks - Considerations for Children in Sport

Be Your Best on Game Day

Quick and Easy Lentil Burgers Recipe

Why Sporting Club Canteens are Going Greener

Tips for Using the Traffic Light System

Kids Brainy Breakfast Ideas for Sport

Contact Details

If your sporting club/association would like to be a part of this fantastic initiative, or would like assistance to 'GREEN' up your menu for one-off sporting events, please contact:

Grant Voysey
Senior Project Officer - Healthy Food@Sport
Sport and Recreation Services
Phone: (02) 6207 1696