Health Improvement

The Health Improvement Branch is responsible for improving the health and well being of the ACT population through promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles and providing ongoing monitoring and evaluation of health programs and policy.

The Branch includes the ACT Cancer Registry, ACT Cervical Screening Program, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, the Health Promotion Grants Program and Population Health Research and Evaluation.

Healthy Food and Drink Choices Policy

The Healthy Food and Drink Choices Policy (the Policy) for ACT Health was released in March 2014 by the Director-General Dr Peggy Brown. The Policy will increase opportunities for staff, volunteers and visitors to make healthy food and drink choices.

The Policy details the types of food and drinks to be provided and promoted to ACT Health staff, volunteers and visitors at ACT Health facilities and events, such as meetings, functions, education sessions and fundraising activities.

A copy of ACT Health's Policy can be downloaded from the link below:

A fact sheet outlining why ACT Health has developed the Policy can be downloaded from the link below:

For more information please email or contact Health Promotion on (02) 6205 7382.

Physical Activity Strategic Framework

The Physical Activity Strategic Framework was endorsed by Katy Gallagher, Minister for Health in August 2012. The framework highlights the importance of physical activity in optimising health outcomes and the strategic priorities for ACT Health in relation to physical activity.

Resources to support your programs

There are a variety of resources available free of charge to support your programs to promote healthy lifestyles within the ACT community.
To order resources, please download the resource order form below and return via email or fax to the details on the form.
Please allow up to three weeks for your order to be filled.

The Mixing Bowl

The Mixing Bowl: Healthy Recipes for One or Two

In October 2012, ACT Health in partnership with Australian Red Cross (ARC) developed "The Mixing Bowl: Healthy Recipes for One or Two..." This cookbook is a resource for the ARC FOODcents program. A PDF version of the cookbook is available below. For more information, please email

The Mixing Bowl: Healthy Recipes for One or Two cookbook cover

The Mixing Bowl: Healthy Recipes for 10 or More

The Mixing Bowl: Healthy Recipes for 10 or More..." cookbook has been developed by ACT Health’s Healthy Communities Initiative, funded by the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health, in partnership with Australian Red Cross. Designed to help community organisations working with some of Canberra’s most disadvantaged groups to prepare tasty and nutritionally balanced meals, The Mixing Bowl includes information on food budgeting, reducing food waste and tips on how to stretch recipes further.


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Epidemiology Section Health stats image_2.jpg

The Epidemiology Section provides timely and accurate information on the health of the ACT population, which assists in the development and evaluation of policies and interventions to improve health.

The Epidemiology Section also undertakes projects to examine emerging issues; provides advice and assistance relating to research and evaluation; and conducts research related to key public health issues.

The Epidemiology Section ensures that high quality data and statistics are readily available to inform public health policy and program decisions by engaging with health data users.  We provide leadership within the collection, analyses, dissemination and use of health statistics.

To facilitate easy access to up-to-date health information, we now provide web-based data display and statistical reporting via our website HealthStatsACT.

Our work program

The Epidemiology Section work program includes:

  • Developing the biennial Chief Health Officer's (CHO) Report (a statutory requirement);
  • Conducting and commissioning surveys
  • Maintaining registers/collections of health conditions and events, such as the ACT Cancer Registry and the ACT Maternal and Perinatal Data Collection
  • Producing and disseminating epidemiological information on the health status of people in the ACT
  • Developing and building on data systems that collect population health information, including data linkage capabilities
  • Developing and reporting on population health performance indicators 
  • Participating in research activities and collaborations


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Phone: (02) 6205 2610
Fax: (02) 6244 4138