Canberra Cochlear Implant Program

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The SCIC Canberra Lady Fairfax Centre is part of SCIC, the worlds largest cochlear implant program and the ACT's first comprehensive cochlear implant program.

The Canberra centre maintains world class medical and surgical procedures for cochlear implantation and other technologies. Our clinical staff provide quality ongoing audiological and habilitation services to ensure the maximum benefits are gained for those people who receive a cochlear implant.

Reasons for making an appointment at SCIC Canberra Lady Fairfax Centre

Young Children / Adolescent Services

  • Gradually deteriorating hearing
  • Catastrophic medical event e.g. meningitis
  • GP or ENT Specialist referral - NSW or ACT
  • Infant screening diagnoses
  • Educational concerns e.g. speech and/or language delay
  • Parental concern

Adult Services

  • GP or ENT specialist referral NSW or ACT
  • Audiologist/hearing aid provider referral
  • Local support groups referral
  • Catastrophic medical event e.g. meningitis
  • Young adults with existing hearing loss
  • Family members

SCIC Canberra can also assist interstate or international clients.

Our Staff

  • Anne-Marie Crowe, Audiologist - BSc, Grad Dip Aud, MAudSA (CCP)
  • Janet Kenyon, Audiologist - BA Dip App Psych, MAudSA (CCP)
  • Di Wright, Administration DipEd.SKTC.Cert. TOD (STC) Grad Dip Community Counselling CCAE

Contact Details

SCIC Canberra Lady Fairfax Centre is located at;

Ground Floor Suite 2
10 Rudd St
Civic, Canberra, 2601 ACT

Telephone: 6248-6492

Facsimile: 6248-6741