How to Apply

If you're applying for a specific vacancy, please read all the information below carefully.

You can apply for positions at ACT Health Directorate by creating an on-line profile then applying to an advertised vacancy.

Guidelines for applicants

Please read the duty statement and selection criteria in the advertisement carefully before preparing your responses.

The duty statement describes the tasks and functions of the position. The selection criteria lists the qualifications, abilities and experience that the Selection Advisory Committee will be seeking in the successful candidate/s.

You should also telephone the contact officer mentioned in the advertisement to discuss any questions you might have and to clarify your understanding of the role. ACT Health strongly encourages you to use its on-line eRecruitment system. This is the preferred method of lodging an application and is available to anyone with an email address.

Application packages

Your application

When you apply for a job online, you must address the Selection Criteria advertised in the vacancy. (Please note: not all vacancies require you to address criteria).

The template below has been included to assist you in writing your responses.

Download: Template for Addressing Selection Criteria (Microsoft Word Document - 73k)

Please save the template to your hard-drive, complete your responses then upload the saved document into your on-line profile using the "Add" link under "Manage Your Files" at the top of the My Profile page after you have logged in or have applied to the position. It is important you upload the document with the "REQ ID" number as part of the title (i.e REQ 211). Applications not accompanied by this form will not be considered.

Referee Reports

You will be asked to supply the names and contact details of two relevant work related referees when completing the on-line assessment. These referees may be contacted by the Selection Advisory Committee at any time once applications have closed.

(Please note that if the advertisement states selection is likely to or will be made on application and referees report only, it is particularly important to provide at least one but preferably two written referees reports as attachments to your on-line profile.)

All nominated referees should be advised of the likelihood of being called by the Selection Advisory Committee

As an applicant, you should be made aware by the Selection Advisory Committee of any adverse comments provided in either oral and written referee reports. As a general rule, your immediate supervisor should be one of your referees. If this is not appropriate or possible for any reason, you should raise this matter initially with the Contact Officer.

A referee report template is provided below. This template can be forwarded to your nominated referee's. When completed they can send it back for you to save on your drive. These saved documents can then be uploaded into your profile ensuring the documents' name is the Req ID number of the vacancy you are applying for. i.e REQ 211.doc. Please note that your referees may still be contacted by the committee to seek any clarification required.

Download: Referee Report

Download: Referee Report (Microsoft Word Document - 152k)

Referee Rating Scale

Download: Referee Rating Scale (Microsoft Word Document - 28k)

Web-based email

If you don't have an email address, a number of providers offer free web based email services.

All correspondence from ACT Health will be forwarded to the email address specified in your on-line profile.

Application Checklist

Your application should include the following:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Written response to the selection criteria (using the template above)
  • Written referee report(s) (using the template above)
  • Covering Letter (Optional)

All of these documents can be uploaded onto to your on-line profile. To assist us in collating these documents, please save them with the REQ ID number as part of the title before uploading them. (i.e Criteria 211.doc)

If you're unable to apply for the vacancy on-line, we do accept hard copy applications by post:

Shared Services,
Recruitment Services,
GPO Box 158,
Canberra ACT 2601

Please note: Although we accept hard copy applications, Recruitment Services does not acknowledge their receipt.

Late Applications

Late applications are generally not accepted, so please ensure that you have completed all the steps required and have attached any relevant documents required to your profile (as outlined above) by the closing date. If you are unable to lodge a full application by the closing date, you should discuss the circumstances with the Contact Officer.

Questions about the Position or Progress of your Application

The nominated Contact Officer is available at any time to answer questions about the position or the progress of your application.

Interviewee Availability

As an applicant, you will be considered available for interview from the date applications close, unless you advise us otherwise. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted and advised where and when the interview will be.

Note: this contact may be via email. You will be given at least two days notice of the interview time.

Withdrawing Applications and Notification

If you wish to withdraw an application submitted online, simply log on to your profile, locate the appropriate position and click the "If you no longer wish to be considered for this job" link. Your status against this position will show Withdrawn on the 'My Workbench' page.

Alternatively, if you have withdrawn in error or cannot withdraw on-line, you must contact Recruitment Services immediately

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified verbally or in writing of the outcome of the selection process once it is finalised.

A Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) may determine an applicants' suitability for an advertised vacancy from their application and referee reports only, ie. an interview may not be required.


Restricted Vacancies

Permanent vacancies advertised in the Gazette are open to all Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia except where a position has been restricted at the discretion of the Chief Executive. These positions will be flagged with a # symbol in the ACT Public Service Gazette and will be noted as restricted vacancies in any other advertising.

Temporary Vacancies

Under section 106 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994, a permanent officer of the ACTPS must fill a temporary vacancy where such an officer is available and suitable for placement in the position.

Where no such permanent officer is available, a person may be engaged as a temporary employee to fill the vacancy. Applicants who are not Australian Citizens or permanent residents must have an approved and appropriate work visa.

Voluntary Redundancy and Excess Officers

Should any potential applicants have accepted an offer of voluntary redundancy from the ACTPS, they would not be permitted to be employed in any capacity with any ACT Public Service agency or authority for a minimum of two years from the effective date of separation, except with the specific approval of the Commissioner for Public Administration.

ACT Health Values

The ACT Health values are Care, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity. These values emphasise our commitment to looking after our patients, improving our organisation, and making ACT Health a great place to work. If your personal work values align with those of ACT Health this can support you in your role to understand and work toward the goals of your team, unit and the wider organisation.

Download: ACT Health Values - Information Sheet (Microsoft Word Document - 188k)

Work Health and Safety

The Health Directorate is committed to Work Health and Safety in the workplace.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) is about promoting a safe and healthy working environment for all staff and eliminating death, disease and injury in the workplace.

Relevant Legislation & Links

Equity and Diversity

ACT Health is committed to equity and diversity in the workplace. Equity is about a fair go for all. Diversity is about recognising and embracing differences. Applied together they provide a holistic approach to management and leadership aimed at creating an inclusive workplace environment that uses and values the talents, abilities and contributions of all people.

Relevant Legislation

  • ACT Discrimination Act 1991
  • Public Sector Management Act and Standards 1994


Industrial Democracy

ACT Health is committed to Industrial Democracy in the workplace.

Industrial Democracy is about staff having the opportunity to influence decisions affecting their work, their working environment and processes. It is about establishing a climate for problem solving and decision-making through open communication, access to information and collaborative strategies.

Contact us

If you need assistance or wish to provide feedback on the online process please do so by emailing: