Dr Katrina Randall

Recent Publications

Sabouri Z, Schofield P, Horikawa K, Spierings E, Kipling D, Randall KL, Langley D, Roome B, Vazquez-Lombardi R, Rouet R, Hermes J, Chan TD, Brink R, Dunn-Walters DK, Christ D and Goodnow CC. Redemption of autoantibodies on anergic B cells by variable-region glycosylation and mutation away from self-reactivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2014, 111:E2567-E2575

Daley SR*, Coakley KM*, Hu D*, Randall KL*, Jenne CN*, Limnander A*, Myers DR, Polakos NK, Enders A, Roots C, Balakishnan B, Miosge LA, Sjollema G, Bertram EM, Field MA, Shao YL, Andrews TD, Whittle B, Barnes SW, Walker JR, Cyster JG, Goodnow CC & Roose JP. Rasgrp1 mutation increases naïve T-cell CD44 expression and drives mTOR-dependent accumulation of Helios+ CD44hi CD4+ T cells and autoantibodies. eLIFE, 2013; 2:e01020 (*=equal first authors)

da Silva EN & Randall KL. Omalizumab mitigates anaphylaxis during ultra-rush honey bee venom immunotherapy in monoclonal mast cell activation syndrome. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In practice, 2013 1: 687-688

Rabbolini DJ, Ange N, Walters GD, Pidcock M & Randall KL. Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome: recognition prevents morbidity and mortality. Internal Medicine Journal, 2013; 43: 1145-1147.

Crawford G*, Enders A*, Gileadi U*, Stankovic S, Zhang Q, Lambe T, Crockford TL, Lockstone HE, Freeman A, Arkwright PD, Smart JM, Ma CS, Tangye SG, Goodnow CC, Cerundolo V, Godfrey DI, Su HC, Randall KL# and Cornall RC#. DOCK8 is critical for the survival and function of NKT cells. Blood, 2013; 122: 2052-2061 (*=equal first authors, #=equal senior authors)

Randall KL*, Chan SS*, Ma CS*, Fung I*, Mei Y, Yabas M, Tan A, Arkwright PD, Suwairi WA, Lugo Reyes SO, Yamazaki-Nakashimada MA, Garcia-Cruz M, Smart JM, Picard C, Okada S, Jouanguy E, Casanova J-L, Lambe T, Cornall RJ, Russell S, Oliaro J, Tangye SG, Bertram EM & Goodnow CC. DOCK8 deficiency impairs CD8 T cell survival and function in humans and mice. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2011; 208:2305-2320 (*=equal)

Hoyne GF, Flening E, Yabas M, Teh C, Altin JA, Randall K, Thien CBF, Langdon WY and Goodnow CC. Visualizing the role of Clb-b in control of islet reactive CD4 T cells and susceptibility to type I diabetes
Journal of Immunology, 2011; 186:2024-2032

Randall KL, Lambe T, Goodnow CC & Cornall RJ. The essential role of DOCK8 in humoral immunity. Disease Markers 2010; 29: 141-150

Randall KL. Generating humoral immune memory following infection or vaccination. Expert Review of Vaccines 2010; 9:1083-1093.

Vinuesa CG, Linterman MA, Goodnow CC & Randall KL. T cells and follicular dendritic cells in germinal centre B cell formation and selection. Immunological Reviews, 2010; 237: 72-89

Goodnow CC, Vinuesa CG, Randall KL, Mackay F & Brink, R. Control systems and decision making for antibody production. Nature Immunology, 2010; 11: 681-688

Randall KL*, Lambe T*, Johnson A, Treanor B, Kucharska E, Domaschenz H, Whittle B, Tze LE, Enders A, Crockford T, Bouriez-Jones T, Alston D, Cyster JG, Lenardo MJ, Mackay F, Deenick EK, Tangye SG, Chan TD, Camidge T, Brink R, Vinuesa CG, Batista FD, Cornall RJ & Goodnow CC. DOCK8 mutations cripple B cell immune synapse, germinal centers and long-lived antibody production. Nature Immunology, 2009;10:1283-1291 (*=equal)