It gives me great pleasure to present the first of a series of annual comprehensive reports on the status of food in the ACT.

The ACT Health Protection Service Food Safety and Compliance program survey and analyse a large variety of foods available in the ACT. These food surveys are a joint activity between the HPS Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and the scientists and technicians of the ACT Government Analytical Laboratory Microbiology and Food Chemistry Units.

Environmental Health Officers collect survey samples, inspect food premises and as required, initiate appropriate action when undesirable results are obtained while the scientists and technicians are responsible for the appropriate analysis of the food samples. Subjects for the annual food surveys are selected to determine the overall safety of ACT foods, with an emphasis on the sampling and analysis of locally produced foods. Current public health and safety issues also impact on the direction of surveys.

An objective of the HPS 1996/97 Business Plan was for the Food Safety and Compliance program to report to the people of the ACT on its food survey activities. The following report fulfils this objective and it is our intention to gain more community involvement in the formulation of future food surveys. Various strategies will be put in place in the 1998/99 financial year to facilitate further involvement of the Food Safety and Compliance program stakeholders and the wider ACT community.

If you have an comments you wish to make concerning the report please;

ph: (02) 6205 8701
fax: (02) 6205 8703

or correspond to ACT Government Analytical Laboratory

PO Box 5005

Yours sincerely

Mr Simon Rockliff
ACT Government Analytical Laboratory