D.8 Commissioner for the Environment

ACT Health is responsible for reporting against the following recommendations from the State of the Environment Report 2011:

  • Recommendation 9 - To improve knowledge of our indoor air quality, the Chief Health Officer should consider the health impact of indoor air quality in the ACT in the ,i>Chief Health Officer’s Report 2014.

Progress: The Chief Health Officer decided against including health impact of indoor air quality in the ACT in the Chief Health Officer's Report 2014. It is not considered a health priority at present.

  • Recommendation 10ii - Improve local air quality outdoors through installing and operating a second performance air monitoring station to ensure that the ACT is compliant with NEPM standards.

Progress: The Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM) Performance Monitoring Station at Florey was fully operational as of 28 February 2014. ACT is now compliant with the AAQ NEPM.

  • Recommendation 10iii - Improve local air quality outdoors, through determining the feasibility, (including costs) of mobile monitoring of ambient air quality NEPM standards at locations in and around Canberra.

Progress: ACT Health does not support this recommendation. It would be cost-prohibitive and the quality of the data obtained would be insufficient for any meaningful evaluation or policy making.