C.5 Auditor-General and Ombudsman Reports

Reports by the ACT Ombudsman and ACT Auditor-General's Office during 2013-14 relating to ACT Health are set out below.

ACT Ombudsman

ACT Health responds to complaints that are referred from the ACT Ombudsman Office. In 2013-14 ACT Health received and investigated one complaint referred from the ACT Ombudsman.

Some matters that are referred to the ACT Ombudsman regarding ACT Health are not within the jurisdiction of the ACT Ombudsman and are referred to the Health Services Commissioner in the Human Rights Commission or referred back to ACT Health.

ACT Auditor-General*


Office Report title Date tabled
ACT Auditor-General Report 8 of 2013 : Management of Funding for Community Services 20 December 2013
ACT Auditor-General Health Directorate-Final Audit Management Report November 2013


Two performance audits conducted by the ACT Auditor General's Office under consideration by the Public Accounts Committee and responses are expected to be include in the 2014-15 Annual Report.

Progress on the implementation of recommendations from these reports can be seen in the table below.

Implementation status of ACT Auditor-General Reports


Report 8 of 2013: Management of Funding for Community Services (5 of 10 recommendations applied to ACT Health)
Response - All agreed.
Implementation status/outcome - 20% completed; 80% in progress.
Recommendation 2
The Funding Managers' Network should be promoted across Government and its terms of reference expanded to include grant programs.
Recommendation 3
The Health Directorate should include in its grants procedures a requirement to undertake a risk assessment of grant recipients and reflect the level of risk in payment instalment arrangements.
Recommendation 6
The Health Directorate should enhance its service delivery and design for its Mental Health Services through formalising its consideration of service design.
Recommendation 7
Service Funding Agreements should be amended to include a standard reporting template which, among other things, specifies the relationship between key performance indicators, outputs and outcomes.
Recommendation 10
The ACT Government should assess the appropriateness of extending the use of a web-based grant program to manage all grant applications across Government.
Health Directorate - Final Audit Management Report - (Of the 18 previously reported audit findings, 12 were resolved, 2 were partially resolved, 4 were not resolved and 2 were new, leaving a balance of 8 audit findings.)
Response - All agreed.
Implementation status/outcome - 38% completed; 62% in progress.
Findings related to:
  • category 1 elective surgery patients (measurement and supporting documentation)
  • business continuity plans - various revenue systems
  • fraud management framework, control plan and policyv
  • business continuity arrangements
  • data quality policy
  • support agreements for revenue systems
  • review of daily revenue reconciliations at Canberra Hospital
  • review of credit card acquittals.


In addition, nine audits were completed by the ACT Health Internal Audit and Risk Management Branch in 2013-14.

For further information, contact the Manager, Internal Audit and Risk Management Branch, on 6207 5755.