Cancer, Ambulatory and Community Health Support

Review into ambulatory care administration support services

A HCCA forum and workshop was undertaken on 20 March 2014 to engage with consumer representatives on the review into ambulatory care administration support services across Canberra Hospital and Health Services which commenced in 2013-14. The half-day activity involved roundtable discussions, led by consultants, about the need to redesign and expand administrative support services to meet increasing demand on ambulatory services. The workshop, attended by about 10 representatives, sought views on how ambulatory care services can best be supported by administration and how service access can improve to ensure approaches are patient- and family-centred with a focus on quality and safety.

Insights from the workshop, as well as client and patient needs, informed the review findings, which went on to recommend a model to provide best practice administration support to clinical services providing ambulatory care services. The model will be progressively implemented during 2014-15.

BreastScreen ACT

This advisory committee provides a forum for major stakeholders in the ACT region to discuss issues and provide feedback and advice to BreastScreen ACT and the Executive Director of Cancer, Ambulatory and Community Health Support on matters relating to the service provided to women in this region.

Meetings are held quarterly with representatives from Cancer Council ACT, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Bosom Buddies, radiography, ACT Medicare Local, pathology, radiology, breast surgery, epidemiology, Women's Health Service, Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service and Canberra Multicultural Community Forum. Feedback has been provided on program priorities and deliverables, stakeholder engagement, promotional activities and quality projects.

The State Accreditation Committee oversees accreditation activities within BreastScreen ACT and to work with members of the State Coordination Unit (SCU) and service providers to support the provision of quality services within BreastScreen Australia.

The Community Reference Group provides a forum for representatives of women of the ACT to discuss issues and provide feedback, support and advice to the breast screening program about its services. Two meetings are held each year with 10 representatives from HCCA, Women With Disabilities ACT, Cancer Council ACT, Women's Health Service, Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service, Canberra Multicultural Community Forum, Country Women's Association and Bosom Buddies.

The BreastScreen Information System and Digital Mammography Project Steering Committee gains feedback and suggestions from consumers regarding the implementation of the BreastScreen Information System.

To celebrate 21 years of breast screening in the ACT and promote BreastScreen ACT to women living in Canberra, an open day and morning tea was held and attended by 70 people. The Chief Minister publicly acknowledged thecontribution made by BreastScreen ACT and the achievements made over the last 21 years. Utilising funding provided by the CHF, a luncheon was held for women who have regularly been screened over the 21 years, and for their friendswho have not yet participated in the program. Around 80 people attended, about half of whom were women who had not yet had a mammogram. The celebrations were promoted through newspaper and radio outlets, community noticeboards, other printed material and breast cancer networks.

Community education sessions were provided to community members on the early detection of breast cancer, and the aims of the BreastScreen program, through face-to-face education sessions and at information stalls at community events. Almost 300 people attended three of these events, which provided the opportunity for contact with community members and networking with community groups.