Note 12. Employee Expenses

Wages and Salariesa 507,914 473,758
Annual Leave Expensesb 14,253 11,633
Long Service Leave Expensesc 8,253 16,297
Worker Compensation Insurance Premiumd 18,361 17,407
Termination Paymentse 778 1,314
Other Employee Benefits and On-Costsf 6,946 7,523
Total Employee Expenses 556,505 527,932
  No. No.
Average full-time equivalent staff levels during the year were: 5,415 5,296


a) The increase in Wages and Salaries mainly relates to payrises under collective agreements and staff increases related to growth in services in Critical Care, Acute Care, Women and Children’s Hospital, Surgical Services, Adult Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Cancer.

b) The increase in Annual Leave largely relates to the impact of payrises and an increase in staff numbers in 2013.

c) The decrease in Long Service Leave is mainly due to a reduction in the rate used to estimate the present value of Long Service Leave payments from 106.6% to 101.3%.

d) The increase relates to labour costs, as the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium is affected by increased wages and salaries.

e) The decrease reflects a lower number of redundancies in 2013.

f) The decrease is mainly due to lower recruitment agency fees than in previous year due to changed recruitment practice.