Note 11. Other Gains

Other Gains are transactions that are not part of the Directorate’s core activities. Other Gains are distinct from Other Revenue, as Other Revenue arises from the core activities of the Directorate.


Gains from the Sale of Assetsa 331 206
Donationsb 2,025 979
Total Other Gains 2,356 1,185
Contribution Analysis    
Contributions which have conditions of expenditure still required to be met    
Donations 594 282


The Directorate has received donations from organisations and the general public which must be spent on specific purposes.

a) This mainly relates to the disposal of motor vehicles that were on a finance lease which matured during the year. The increase is mainly due to a higher number of leases that matured than in 2012.

b) The increase is mainly attributable to increases in special purpose donations as well as donations from the public.