C.15 Government contracting


Name of Contractor Description of Contract Cost (Exclusive of GST) Date Contract Let End Date Select Tender Yes/No Reason for Select Tender
By George Studios
Pty Limited
Development of a Parenting Education DVD for Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Parents $37,094.55 20-Nov-12 20-Feb-13 Yes Expertise
in field
Environmental Health Services (TAS) Pty Ltd Contractor Services for Statutory Compliance Under Food Act 2001 $55,203.00 26-May-11 30-Jun-12 No  
National Mail and Marketing Provision of Warehousing, Pick/Packing and Distribution Services for Health Promotion Branch $35,701.60 23-Aug-10 30-Jun-13 Yes Specific and targeted services
School of Public Health trading as University of Sydney Evaluation of GET Health Service $61,233.85 29-Oct-10 Ongoing No  
Taylor Nelson Sofres Australia Pty Limited Gofor 2&5® Campaign Social
Marketing Research Project
$30,000.00 09-Mar-10 Ongoing Yes Expertise in public health
XVT Solutions Pty Ltd Replacement of the Monitoring of Drugs of Dependence System (MODDS) $73,026.18 01-Feb-13 01-Feb-16 Yes Specialist knowledge in business needs
Cancer Services (Output 1.4)
Cancer Institute (NSW) Provision of Services to Support the Maintenance of the ACT Cancer Registry $175,193.88 03-Jun-11 Ongoing No  
CharmHealth Provision of CHARM Cancer Information Management System $50,681.82 14-May-13 13-May-14 No  
Charterhouse Medical Recruitment services $97,546.80 13-Feb-12 27-Jun-13 No  
Mirrabooka Systems Pty Ltd CAS lease, licence, maintenance, upgrade and report development $30,929.51 01-Jul-12 30-Jun-13 No  
Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care (Output 1.5)
Early Intervention and Prevention (Output 1.6)
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Association Australian Capital Territory Incorporated ACT Comorbidity Smokefree
Pilot Project
$383,844.27 01-Jun-10 Ongoing No  
National Heart Foundation (ACT Division) Provision of Chronic Disease Prevention Services $416,224.27 15-Nov-09 30-Jun-12 No  
Paxus Australia Pty Ltd Chronic Disease Management Register $199,633.50 21-Sep-09 Ongoing No  
Contractors distributed as Overheads of Outputs
Christopher Bruce Plumbing contractor $97,336.47 Month to month   Yes Specialised services rendered
Control & Electric Pty Ltd Building Management System and Mandatory Testing of Fire Dampers and Compartmentilisation Testing $284,422.37 14-Jun-11 14-Jun-12 No  
Dreamtime Public Relations Media and Public Relations Services $59,323.00 24-Apr-12 24-Apr-13 No  
Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research Pty Ltd Radiation Compliance Testing of Radiation Sources within the ACT $31,198.18 03-Aug-09 30-Jun-14 No  
Griffith Massage Centre Remedial Massage for work-related strains $54,746.30 01-Jul-08 Ongoing No  
Lec Safe Australia Pty Ltd Testing and Tagging Services $75,261.94 07-Jul-10 06-Jul-13 No  
Protiviti Pty Ltd Provision of Internal Audit and Risk Management Services $187,065.59 11-Sep-08 09-Jun-13 Yes Preferred Government Provider


Visiting medical officers


Title Surname First Name Speciality Description of contract Date Contract Commences Date Contract Expires Total
Amount Paid
(exc. GST)
Acute Services (Output 1.1)
Dr Al-Sameraaii Ahmad Urology VMO 01-Jun-13 31-May-16 $47,603.22
Dr Albekaa Safi ENT Surgery VMO 01-Nov-07 01-Nov-14 $62,145.96
Dr Ansary Saidul (BSSW Pty Ltd Respiratory & Sleep VMO 17-Dec-12 01-May-15 $137,297.62
Dr Ashman Bryan Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Sep-12 31-Aug-15 $294,281.22
Dr Aubin Phil Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Aug-10 02-Aug-13 $119,081.25
Dr Auzins Edwin General Dentistry (OMFS) VMO 02-Jul-11 01-Jul-14 $51,673.52
Dr Bassett Mark
(Mark Bassett Pty Ltd)
Gastroenterology VMO 25-Nov-09 25-Nov-16 $187,230.25
Dr Bissaker Peter Cardiac Surgery VMO 01-Aug-08 01-Aug-15 $411,793.68
Dr Bradshaw Stephen (Vascular Partners Pty Ltd) Vascular Surgery VMO 01-Feb-12 01-Aug-14 $308,394.54
Dr Brady Marc General Dentistry (OMFS) VMO 31-Oct-12 30-Oct-13 $49,390.27
Dr Bromley Jonathan Gastroenterology & Hepatology & MAPU VMO 01-Jan-11 31-Dec-14 $159,277.77
Dr Buchanan Guy Anaesthesia VMO 01-Dec-07 01-Dec-14 $34,757.16
Dr Burke Bill Thoracic Medicine VMO 02-Oct-10 02-Oct-13 $160,081.35
Dr Burns Alexander Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Jun-08 01-Jun-15 $176,642.00
Dr Carney Gavin (Gavin M. Carney Pty Ltd) Renal Medicine VMO 24-Aug-10 01-Nov-14 $169,537.49
Dr Chapman Peter ENT Surgery VMO 01-Oct-07 01-Oct-14 $87,157.05
Dr Chong Guan (Dr Guan Chong Pty Ltd) General Surgery VMO 02-Jul-12 01-Jul-15 $277,099.96
Dr Choy Ellis Plastic Surgery VMO 02-Apr-13 01-Apr-14 $355,399.08
Dr Close Susanne (Susie Close Pty Ltd) O&G VMO 05-Oct-10 31-Jul-14 $55,231.48
Dr Crawford Anthony Paediatrics VMO 30-Nov-07 30-Nov-13 $37,552.60
Dr Crawshaw Ian Paediatrics VMO 01-Oct-07 30-Sep-14 $111,834.73
Dr Damiani Maurizio Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 06-Jul-10 06-Jul-13 $319,790.49
Dr Davies Stephen Anaesthesia VMO 01-Mar-08 01-Mar-15 $39,416.86
Dr Davis Ian General Surgery VMO 01-Sep-07 01-Sep-14 $226,773.45
Dr Dorai Raj Anna Rheumatology VMO 01-Sep-07 01-Sep-14 $130,770.82
Dr Drummond Catherine Dermatology VMO 01-Nov-10 31-Oct-14 $50,142.90
Dr Edwards Joanne Paediatrics VMO 22-Aug-12 21-Aug-13 $118,318.70
Dr Ellingham John Cardiac Anaesthesia VMO 29-Nov-09 29-Nov-16 $287,092.15
Dr Fahey Caroline Anaesthesia VMO 01-Sep-07 01-Sep-14 $105,062.00
Dr Farhadieh Rostam (Panthea Plastic Surgery Pty Ltd) Plastic Surgery VMO 01-Apr-13 07-Mar-18 $135,274.33
Dr Findlay Michael Plastic Surgery VMO 12-Jun-11 11-Jun-13 $45,921.69
Dr Fitzgerald Ailene General Surgery VMO 31-Jul-12 30-Jul-13 $206,545.84



Title Surname First Name Speciality Description of contract Date Contract Commences Date Contract Expires Total
Amount Paid
(exc. GST)
Acute Services (Output 1.1) (Continued)
Dr Fletcher Victoria Anaesthesia VMO 11-Feb-08 10-Feb-15 $166,065.52
Dr Freckmann Mary-Louise Clinical Genetics VMO 01-Jul-08 30-Jun-15 $64,749.55
Dr French James Anaesthesia VMO 02-Sep-12 01-Sep-15 $285,516.23
Dr Fuller John Neurosurgery VMO 12-Nov-10 01-Aug-13 $228,304.82
Dr Gillmore Colin Anaesthesia VMO 01-Feb-08 31-Jan-15 $71,258.61
Dr Gross Michael Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 10-Aug-12 09-Aug-13 $182,015.79
Dr Hamid Celine Paediatric Surgery VMO 08-Apr-13 09-Apr-14 $53,966.67
Dr Hardman David Vascular Surgery VMO 01-Jul-08 01-Jul-15 $370,319.54
Dr Hayes Deborah Cardiology (Paediatrics) VMO 02-Mar-12 01-Mar-15 $125,104.02
Dr Hehir Andrew Anaesthesia VMO 27-Jan-08 27-Jan-15 $299,717.62
Dr Holz Paul Anaesthesia VMO 01-Jul-13 01-Mar-14 $214,720.43
Dr Hufton Ian Paediatric Medicine VMO 02-Jul-11 01-Jul-14 $26,667.61
Dr Jain Tarun
(T.J. Imaging
Pty Ltd)
Radiology VMO 05-Nov-12 04-Nov-13 $56,000.00
Dr Jeans Phil General Surgery VMO 12-Aug-12 11-Aug-15 $233,914.07
Dr Kaye Graham Gastroenterology VMO 07-Sep-10 30-Aug-14 $269,939.20
Dr Khoo Kenneth General Medicine
& Rheumatology
VMO 06-Jul-11 05-Jul-14 $73,183.65
Dr Klar Brendan Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 07-Aug-12 01-Aug-15 $218,964.95
Dr Kulisiewicz Gawel Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 07-Aug-09 07-Aug-15 $296,949.87
Dr Kwan Bernard Anaesthesia VMO 01-Sep-07 01-Sep-14 $60,075.95
Dr Lah Frank Anaesthesia VMO 01-Aug-11 31-Jul-14 $191,769.15
Dr Lang Robert Anaesthesia VMO 26-Jan-13 25-Jan-16 $244,222.44
Dr Lee Elaine Anaesthesia VMO 11-Oct-12 10-Oct-15 $484,541.19
Dr Lee Tack-Tsiew ENT Surgery VMO 01-Jun-08 01-Jun-15 $72,019.24
Dr Leerdam Carolyn Paediatric Medicine VMO 01-Feb-08 01-Feb-15 $30,815.65
Dr Lim James General Surgery VMO 30-Nov-10 29-Nov-13 $129,974.67
Dr Lu Don Bunnag Anaesthesia VMO 05-Oct-10 01-Dec-14 $57,810.45
Dr Major Jennifer Anaesthesia VMO 02-Nov-10 02-Nov-14 $35,004.65
Dr Makeham Timothy ENT Surgery VMO 14-Feb-11 13-Feb-14 $105,870.66
Dr Malecky George Paediatric Surgery VMO 01-Nov-07 31-Oct-14 $610,877.25
Dr Malhotra Ram Neurology VMO 01-Apr-11 31-Mar-14 $36,894.73
Dr Marshall Natalie Anaesthesia VMO 01-Aug-07 31-Jul-14 $396,631.63
Dr McCredie Simon Urology VMO 01-Jul-10 01-Jul-13 $176,080.24
Dr McDonald Tim Paediatrics VMO 01-Aug-07 01-Aug-14 $274,298.95
Dr McInerney Carmel Anaesthesia VMO 01-Jul-12 01-Jun-15 $55,436.62
Dr Meares Nicola Anaesthesia VMO 31-May-13 30-May-16 $36,225.41
Dr Melhuish Nicholas Cardiac Anaesthesia VMO 01-Oct-07 01-Oct-14 $255,382.08
Dr Miller Andrew Dermatology VMO 30-Nov-10 29-Nov-13 $64,448.75
Dr Morrissey Phillip (Dr P. Morrissey
Pty Ltd)
Anaesthesia VMO 01-Nov-10 01-Nov-13 $122,699.54
Acute Services (Output 1.1) (Continued)
Dr Mosse Charles General Surgery VMO 05-Apr-11 30-Nov-13 $314,654.08
Dr Mulcahy Maurice Urology VMO 02-May-13 01-May-16 $154,910.37
Dr Nagy Attila Anaesthesia VMO 05-Sep-12 04-Sep-13 $25,232.35
Dr Neilson Wendell Vascular Surgery VMO 01-Jul-13 30-Jun-16 $53,451.45
Dr O’Connor Simon Cardiology VMO 01-Oct-07 30-Sep-14 $293,456.90
Dr OKera Salim Ophthalmology VMO 12-Apr-10 12-Apr-17 $82,292.62
Dr Palnitkar Girish (Brindabella Anaesthesia
Pty Ltd)
Anaesthesia VMO 01-Dec-10 14-Nov-13 $172,869.04
Dr Peady Clifford Anaesthesia VMO 24-Aug-10 01-Aug-14 $245,713.57
Dr Peake Ross Anaesthesia VMO 22-Jul-10 22-Jul-13 $180,953.75
Dr Pham Tuan ENT Surgery VMO 17-Aug-12 01-Jun-13 $313,452.82
Dr Ponniah Senthan Anaesthesia VMO 24-Jan-11 23-Jan-14 $147,677.68
Dr Powell Suzanna Paediatric Medicine VMO 01-Jun-08 31-May-15 $60,359.93
Dr Quah Yeow Leng (Valerie) Anaesthesia VMO 17-Jan-11 16-Jan-14 $95,505.95
Dr Rajapakse Yasantha Ranjeeva Plastic Surgery VMO 12-Sep-12 11-Sep-13 $317,062.87
Dr Rangiah David General Surgery VMO 31-Oct-11 01-Feb-15 $139,953.35
Dr Reiner David Anaesthesia VMO 01-Sep-11 31-Aug-14 $115,051.05
Dr Riddell James (J. Riddell Pty Ltd) General Medicine & Gastroenterology VMO 10-Dec-09 30-Nov-14 $26,122.75
Dr Roberts Chris Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Nov-07 01-Nov-14 $78,635.08
Dr Robertson Tanya General Practice VMO 01-Jun-08 01-Jun-15 $146,251.20
Dr Robson Stephen O&G VMO 01-Aug-11 31-Jul-14 $107,629.73
Dr Rosier Michael Paediatric Medicine VMO 01-Aug-07 01-Aug-14 $96,346.14
Dr Scott Cameron
(Scott Medical Services Pty Ltd)
OMFS VMO 31-Aug-12 30-Aug-13 $55,000.00
Dr Sjarif Adrian Plastic Surgery VMO 21-Mar-13 20-Mar-14 $49,235.01
Dr Simpson Erroll Paediatric Surgery VMO 19-Jun-12 31-Oct-14 $311,931.55
Dr Smith Joseph Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Mar-13 11-Mar-14 $330,858.71
Dr Smith Paul Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 02-Feb-11 01-Feb-14 $121,054.81
Dr Smith Damian Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Jul-08 01-Jul-15 $268,285.96
Dr Speldewinde Geoffrey Anaesthesia VMO 01-Nov-07 01-Nov-14 $37,329.73
Dr Stone Hilton ENT Surgery VMO 01-Feb-11 31-Jan-14 $154,565.92
Dr Stubbs Geoffrey Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 24-Jan-11 23-Jan-14 $44,250.59
Dr Subramaniam Peter Cardiothoracic Surgery VMO 01-Jul-11 02-Sep-13 $804,198.53
Dr Tharion John Thoracic Surgery VMO 30-Aug-12 01-Aug-15 $411,195.65
Dr Thomson Andrew Gastroenterology VMO 01-Oct-07 01-Oct-14 $532,773.96
Dr Upton Zain (CZ Anaesthesia
Pty Ltd)
Anaesthesia VMO 10-Feb-11 09-Feb-14 $186,200.25
Dr Vrancic Sindy Orthopaedic Surgery VMO 01-Sep-09 01-Sep-16 $163,459.06



Title Surname First Name Speciality Description of contract Date Contract Commences Date Contract Expires Total
Amount Paid
(exc. GST)
Acute Services (Output 1.1) (Continued)
Dr Walton Ashley Radiology VMO 21-Apr-13 22-Apr-14 $45,345.45
Dr Wilson Michael (Janga Anaesthesia
Pty Ltd)
Anaesthesia VMO 01-Nov-07 01-Nov-14 $77,224.35
Dr Witherspoon Robert OMFS VMO 10-Dec-12 09-Dec-13 $142,609.95
Dr Yuille Rosemary General Practice (Aboriginal Services) VMO 23-Aug-10 30-Sep-14 $38,437.36
Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol and Drug Services (Output 1.2)
Dr Bromley Jennifer General Practice (Corrections Health Program) VMO 06-Feb-10 06-Feb-14 $63,762.15
Dr Eldridge James Neil General Practice (Corrections Health Program & Clinical Forensics ACT) VMO 01-Feb-10 01-Feb-17 $172,714.58
Dr Fernando Sellupperumage Noel Psychiatry VMO 28-Feb-13 27-Feb-14 $77,036.34
Dr Fitzgerald Paul Psychiatry VMO 01-Aug-07 01-Aug-14 $154,437.56
Dr George Graham Psychiatry VMO 02-Dec-12 01-Dec-15 $160,558.00
Dr Henderson A Scott
(A.S. Henderson
Pty Ltd)
Psychiatry VMO 01-Nov-07 31-Oct-14 $231,811.64
Dr Kasinathan John Psychiatry VMO 01-Jul-08 01-Jul-15 $331,984.56
Dr Liang Rachel General Practitioner VMO 24-Jul-12 23-Jul-13 $133,622.07
Dr Owen Cathy Psychiatry VMO 01-Nov-07 01-Nov-14 $73,133.76
Dr Thomson Graeme General Practice (Corrections Health Program & Clinical Forensics ACT) VMO 01-Mar-10 13-Jan-17 $218,932.56
Dr Westcombe David Psychiatry VMO 30-Nov-10 30-Nov-13 $186,414.18
Dr Wurth Peter Psychiatry VMO 01-Feb-08 31-Jan-15 $71,181.08
Public Health Services (Output 1.3)
Dr Storey Desmond General Dentistry VMO 30-Nov-10 29-Nov-13 $35,719.11
Dr Tin Stephen Dental Surgery VMO 01-Sep-07 01-Sep-14 $49,659.56
Cancer Services (Output 1.4)
Drs Applied Imaging
Pty Ltd
Lim & Nigel Hunter)
Radiology – BreastScreen VMOs 01-Sep-08 01-Sep-15 $81,700.72
Dr Bell Susanne Radiology – BreastScreen VMO 11-Nov-11 10-Nov-14 $138,590.02
Dr Chen Suet Wan Radiology – BreastScreen VMO 01-Nov-11 31-Oct-14 $100,997.67
Dr Cranney Brendan Radiology – BreastScreen VMO 02-Jul-11 01-Jul-14 $33,144.76
Dr Hazan Georges Radiology – BreastScreen VMO 01-Sep-08 01-Sep-15 $285,437.46