C.12 Strategic Bushfire Management Plan

During 2012‑13, ACT Health did not have any facilities located in rural or ember zones and was therefore not required by the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) to prepare a Bushfire Operational Plan under the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan.

In 2010, the ESA completed fire/ember risk assessments to identify at-risk ACT Government owned and operated facilities during high fire danger periods for the ACT Elevated Fire Danger Plan. Assessments were made of government-owned or regulated properties where normal activities should be suspended when a catastrophic bushfire danger alert is in place.

One ACT Health facility was identified by the ESA assessment—the proposed rehabilitation centre known as the Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, located at Miowera, in the foothills of the Brindabella ranges, in the far west of the ACT.

Work progressed in 2012‑13 to develop a Bushfire Operation Plan and a Bushfire Action Plan for the property and facility. It is anticipated these will be submitted to the ESA in 2013‑14.

In addition, a Bushfire Assessment and Compliance Report was submitted as part of the development application process for the proposed facility.