Burnet Institute Report

The Burnet Institute Report - External component of the evaluation of drug policies and services and their subsequent effects on prisoners and staff within the Alexander Maconochie Centre - is an independent evaluation of drug policies and services at the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

The report acknowledges the importance of continuous quality improvements in delivering important health services to some of our most at risk members of the community.

Background to the Burnet Institute Report

Meeting the health and wellbeing needs of our detainees presents distinct challenges.

Most of our detainees have complex health histories - 91 percent of surveyed inmates reported a lifetime use of illicit drugs, with two-thirds of those having a heroin addiction.

Three quarters of respondents reported that their current prison sentence was related to drugs and 79 per cent reported that they were affected by drugs when they committed the relevant offence.

The work set in train through the Government’s response in 2011 to the Burnet Report continues.