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Endorsed (authorised) Enrolled Nurse Medication Administration Policy

Medication management is an important part of nursing and midwifery practice that relies on professional and clinical judgement which is underpinned by the appropriate skills, knowledge and competencies, applied in the context of individual, organisational, social, cultural and religious considerations. This policy sits within a professional framework, that facilitates a consistent, safe and effective approach for medication administration by authorised (medication endorsed) enrolled nurses in the ACT. Administration of medications by EENs aligns with relevant legislation, workplace policies, guidelines and procedures.
pdf icon Endorsed Authorised Enrolled Nurse Medication Administration Policy - Sop (PDF File 205k)
Food And Nutrition Strategic Framework 2012 - 2018

There is a close relationship between nutrition and health. Optimal nutrition is necessary for healthy growth and development in infants, children and adolescents. Consumption of a varied and nutritious diet is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health throughout the whole of life (WHO 2003). In addition, sharing and enjoying food in a social setting can contribute to social connectedness, mental health and wellbeing.
pdf icon Food And Nutrition Strategic Framework 2012 - 2018 (PDF File 1541k)
Forfeiture Of Office Policy

Forfeiture of Office policy was reviewed under the HRMB policy review timeframe and updated into the new format.
pdf icon Forfeiture Of Office Policy (PDF File 74k)
Fraud Management Framework, Control Plan And Policy

ACT Health has implemented this Fraud Control Plan and Policy to enhance integrity and to reduce the risk of fraud, as well as assist staff to make decisions in the reporting of fraud, corruption and other criminal offences affecting ACT Health. It is designed to protect public money and property, protect the integrity, security and reputation of ACT Health while maintaining a high level of services to the community consistent with the good government of the ACT.
pdf icon Fraud Management Framework, Control Plan And Policy (PDF File 317k)
Fundraising By Act Health Staff Guidelines

In the ACT there is legislation to protect both donors and staff around fundraising activities. This includes the Charitable Collections Act and Lotteries Act 1964. There are also certain taxation implications regarding donation and fundraising monies. These guidelines have been put in place to inform staff of compliance issues and fundraising for ACT Health.
pdf icon Fundraising By Act Health Staff Guidelines (PDF File 30k)
General Practitioner Reimbursement Policy

The Executive Council considered the revised General Practitioner Reimbursement Policy, and endorsed the policy with a rate of $150 per hour plus GST, increased from the 2009 rate of $130 per hour plus GST. The Policy provides for the remuneration of General Practitioners for their time when participating in ACT Health non-clinical activities where direct GP input is sought. The Policy will be due for further review in 2015.
pdf icon Gp Reimbursement Policy (PDF File 141k)
Hand Hygiene

This standard operating procedure will provide ACT Health staff will procedural information relating to Hand Hygiene best practice techniques, related products and skin care. The information provided will ensure that staff can comply with best practice in hand hygiene when caring for patients in order to support the reduction of healthcare associated infections (HAI) caused by the transmission of harmful pathogens.
pdf icon Hand Hygiene (PDF File 299k)
Healthy Food And Drink Choices Policy

Healthy food and drink choices must be provided and promoted to staff, volunteers and visitors at: ACT Health facilities ACT Health activities including meetings, functions, events, education sessions and fundraising activities. Nutrition Standards have been developed by ACT Health to specify the types of food and drinks to be provided and promoted in the following food and drink supply situations: food outlets including cafeterias, cafes, shops vending machines catering, fundraising, rewards, incentives, gifts, prizes and give-aways advertising, promotion and placement alcohol water provision sponsorships. The Director-General ACT Health or delegate is able to authorise an exemption for occasional social events or fundraising benefits.
pdf icon Healthy Food And Drink Choices Policy (PDF File 232k)
Hiv Aids, Hepatitis C, Sexually Transmissable Infestions Strategic Framework For The Act 2007-2012

This Framework has been produced to guide the local response to the issues of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Sexually Transmissible Infections. The Framework highlights the commonalities between the approaches outlined in the National Strategies on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Sexually Transmissible Infections, to enable a more coordinated response from ACT Health, policy makers, health care services and the community sector. It also identifies local priorities and actions required, and suggests strategies to achieve change. Improving treatment and care and support outcomes is also an important goal.
pdf icon Hiv Aids, Hepatitis C, Sexually Transmissable Infestions Strategic Framework For The Act 2007-2012 (PDF File 284k)
Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis B Virus And Hepatitis C Virus Infected Health Care Workers Management Policy

This policy is directed at all health care workers, specifically those involved in exposure prone procedures. It requires that all health care workers in these areas be aware of their status and seek regular serological testing.
pdf icon Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis B Virus And Hepatitis C Virus Infected Health Care Workers Management Policy (PDF File 152k)
Immunisation Strategy 2012-2016

This ACT Immunisation Strategy is a framework to improve immunisation services and coverage within the ACT. It continues the work achieved in the previous Immunisation Strategy by building on those achievements and outlining focus areas of immunisation.
pdf icon Act Immunisation Strategy 2012-2016 (PDF File 464k)
Impact Program Guidelines

The Vulnerable Families Project aimed to improve services for pregnant women - identified as having a significant mental health issue, and/or are receiving opioid replacement therapy - their partners and their families, whose complex issues and intensive support needs require a multi service response. The IMPACT Program is not a standalone service, but a system-wide approach, which facilitates collaborative work within a set of agreed principles, to better meet the needs of vulnerable families. You can locate all forms and related documents online at
pdf icon Impact Program Guidelines (PDF File 3080k)