About Us

ACT Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Health Simon Corbell

The current ACT Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Health is Simon Corbell.

Phone: (02) 6205 0000
Fax: (02) 6205 0535

Email: CORBELL@act.gov.au

Our healthcare services

ACT Health aims to deliver the best possible healthcare and health-related services in Australia, through its public hospitals - Calvary Hospital and Canberra Hospital; Community Health; Mental Health ACT; Capital Region Cancer Service; Aged Care and Rehabilitation Service and Population Health, including the Health Protection Service.

For more information about our healthcare services visit the Health Services section of this website.

ACT Health has an ongoing commitment to supporting consumer participation in health care. By implementing the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights across all ACT Health services, we are not only supporting the rights of health care consumers but also recognising the vital role that consumers play in the provision of their own care.

ACT Health is fully accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), from head office right through to all its service delivery entities.

ACT Health's core Values of Care, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity are central to the way we work.

ACT Health is smoke-free. We are dedicated to protecting healthcare consumers, visitors and staff from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. Smoking is not allowed at any Health Directorate facility, except in a designated outdoor smoking area.

Health policy

ACT Health sets health policy and plans the delivery of health services, while ensuring these services meet community needs. The Health Directorate also funds a range of non-Government organisations to provide vital healthcare services to the people of the ACT and surrounding region.

To locate ACT Health policy documents, visit the Policies and Plans section of this website.

The key health document access health sets the broad direction for public health services in the ACT, guiding more detailed planning. ACT Health's Corporate Plan 2012-17 outlines the organisation's vision, mission and values.

ACT Health's Access Improvement Program is a major change program aimed at redesigning the way we provide healthcare services. The program focuses on the patient's journey through the healthcare system, while providing a structured change management framework.

The National E-Health Strategy was endorsed by Health Ministers in December 2008. The Strategy provides a framework and plan aimed at delivering a safer, better connected and more sustainable health care system over the next decade.

How healthy are we?

The latest Chief Health Officer's Report shows the demographic profile of the ACT population is shifting towards an older profile.

This shift, along with increases in life expectancy and changes to lifestyle, will result in an increase in the number of people with age-related chronic conditions with a subsequent heavier demand for health services.