Transitional Therapy and Care Program

The Transitional Therapy and Care Program (TTCP) is a community based program for older adults, providing up to 12 weeks support and therapy at the end of a hospital stay. This goal oriented program can be delivered at the Mullangarrie Unit which is a 15 bed Residential Care Facility located in Red Hill or in the clientís home.

The aim is to improve the older personís functional capacity and independence so that they can return home after hospital rather than enter residential care prematurely. The service is a collaboration between ACT Health, Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care who provide the allied health input and BaptistCare who provide the care and case management component.

There are 58 packages available within the ACT. Fifteen packages are based at the Mullangarrie Unit in Red Hill, and 43 packages are available for clients at home.


Transition Care is aimed at older people who are at the conclusion of an acute or sub-acute hospital stay. All individuals entering the service must have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

Is a public or private hospital inpatient

Have completed their episode of acute/sub-acute care, is medically stable and ready for discharge

Has the capacity to benefit from a goal-oriented, time-limited and therapy focused service to:

  • Complete their restorative process
  • Optimise their functional capacity
  • Assist in making long-term arrangements for their care

Service Access

Referrals can be made by acute or sub-acute services by completing the CHI referral form PLUS providing multidisciplinary recommendations in the form of discharge report/s. To enter the program, patients must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as being eligible for transition care.

Business hours

Allied health service are available Monday Friday 8:30am 5pm, excluding public holidays.


TTCP is delivered at two service locations:

  • The Mullangarrie Unit - a 15 bed low level care facility - located in Red Hill. Clients have access to carers, nursing, allied health and medical staff Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. On call Registered Nurse is available after hours.
  • Care in the clientís own home. Clients will have access to allied health, nursing and care staff based on the clientís needs.


Patients will be asked to make a financial contribution to their care which is calculated on a daily basis. The maximum fee for residential care (Mullangarrie Unit) is 84% of the single aged pension. The maximum fee for services delivered in the clientís own home is 17.5% of the single aged pension. The fee can be negotiated and access to the program will not be affected by the ability to pay.

Contact us

Health Directorate - Allied Health on (02) 6207 0658

BaptistCare - Care Coordinators on (02) 6195 3130

Mail to:
Transitional Therapy & Care Program
Health Directorate Village Creek Centre
C/O PO Box 11

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